Posts from December 2014

Never Too Late To Be Screened

According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine 2014, older adults who have never been screened for Colon Cancer (23 percent of US elderly individuals), one-time screening appears to be cost-effective up to age 86 years. This is based on a “modeling” simulation study that...

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Presidental Treatment

It is unusual for chronic acid reflux to not be accompanied by the traditional heartburn, but President Obama has shown that it is possible. The President was treated at Walter Reed hospital recently to trace the source of a chronic sore throat. The physicians there determined that the president...

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What does gut bacteria have to do with blood sugar?

This week, on the news, there were stories about diet soda and its affect on gut bacteria. Then the story quickly turned to glucose intolerance - what is the connection? Our digestive tract is a virtual microbiome, housing many different types of bacteria, that change throughout the course of your...

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