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The Celiac 411


Celiac disease is not exactly a household term. About 3 million Americans have celiac disease. Although that doesn't sound like a lot, undiagnosed celiac disease results in serious side effects. May is Celiac Awareness Month and we want to help get out the 411 on the disease and its symptoms. ...

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Are You Gluten Sensitive?

Gluten Free

When did gluten become such a hot topic? Gluten free options are flooding restaurants and grocery store shelves. There are debates about who should or shouldn't have gluten, whether or not you can be sensitive to gluten or if gluten intolerance is the only legitimate concern. The bottom line is how...

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Gluten sensitivity

Many patients are placing themselves on a gluten free diet even though there is no evidence of gluten intolerance. This group has been called “non-celiac gluten sensitivity” but many gastroenterologists doubt its existence. Most of their symptoms are not replicated on double-blind food challenge,...

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