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Purple Potatoes and the Prevention of Colon Cancer

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Recent research has shown that baked purple potatoes contain certain substances that may help in the fight against colon cancer. More than 50,000 people in the United States die of this disease each year, and while current colon cancer treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, this...

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In The News

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The headlines say "Painkillers Prevent Colon Cancer", wait, what?? If it were just that simple; but, of course it is not. The study in question, out of Denmark, said that continual usage of either low dose baby aspirin or non aspirin NSAIDs, reduced the risk of developing colon cancer by 27% and...

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Quality and Training Matters

Believe it or not … the doctor you choose to do your colonoscopy actually matters. A new study shows that the doctor makes a difference in whether you’ll develop colon cancer or die from it. While it’s easy to pick the doctor that offers the best price or that your insurance company will pay...

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March Is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Colon Cancer Ribbon

March is the month set aside for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Unlike it's counterpart in October, the country doesn't turn blue for the month. Wonder why? It is probably the subject matter. People don't feel comfortable discussing their colon in public. We understand. We also understand...

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