Colon Cancer Ribbon

March is the month set aside for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Unlike it's counterpart in October, the country doesn't turn blue for the month. Wonder why?

It is probably the subject matter. People don't feel comfortable discussing their colon in public. We understand.

We also understand that the prep for the procedure has gotten more grimaces and looks of dismay than just about any other routine screening. It is time for a change! Let's have an honest discussion about colon cancer.

  • Found early, colon cancer has a 90% cure rate. 
  • Prevention is always preferable to cure. Precancerous polyps, found during a routine screening colonoscopy are removed before they have the chance to become cancerous.
  • The prep has evolved over time and is much more easily tolerated by most patients. Anyway, what is your life compared to one uncomfortable day - and that is what we are talking about here, saving your life.
  • The procedure is comfortable and private. If you have not had a colonoscopy before, you will just have to take our word for it, patients typically leave with very little memory of the experience and go home and enjoy a good nap! 

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