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Talking About Healthy Alcohol Consumption

Unhealthy Alcohol

Alcohol may or may not be something that you discuss with your doctor. Even if the yearly checkup or physical brings the standard question, “Do you drink alcohol?,” patients aren’t always too forthcoming about how much they imbibe. Researchers are now beginning to say that it should not be an...

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The Good Bacteria

Gut Bacteria Flora

Bacteria may not be something that we typically associate with something that is good. As a culture we tend to sanitize, apply antibacterial gel to our hands, and use antibacterial cleaners for the house. Well, not to burst your very clean bubble, but your gut is full of bacteria. Gut Check Your...

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What Does Your Weight Have To Do With Cancer Risk?

Measuring Tape

Obesity is commonly linked with a higher risk for several different cancers including colon, breast and endometrial. Generally obesity isn't alone and people will have multiple weight related risk factors such as diabetes, sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. Multiple risk factors increase your...

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When Inflammation Becomes Chronic

Woman Walking Weights

You’ve undoubtedly heard of inflammation before, but you more than likely waved it off as a nuisance that comes around every once in awhile. Inflammation is a pain (literally), but it’s actually a good thing… most of the time. Inflammation is a process that comes to the body’s aid when...

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Too Much Of A Comfy Thing?

Sitting At Desk

You play basketball twice a week and run regularly. You’re healthy enough, right? Actually, maybe not. If you compare the amount of exercise you get per week with the amount of sitting you do per day, you’ll see what we mean. The human body is designed to move, and sitting for 5-9 hours a day...

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