It’s the end of the summer and you know what that means … the season of vacationing is over and school has officially started again. Between visits to pick up school supplies, it’s important to think about something that could have a bigger impact on your child’s performance than you know: their health.

Studies have shown that only 25% of children get one serving of vegetables a day, and 50% get one serving of fruit a day. It’s no wonder childhood obesity is at an all time high! Healthy lunches are crucial to children’s health because those nutrients give them the energy to grow, learn, and be active. By starting early and teaching your kids healthy eating habits now, you are giving them important tools for a lifetime of healthy living. 

How can you start? Here are some tips to help your children eat more fruits and vegetables:

  • Cut fruit into bite-sized pieces to make it more accessible to children
  • Try crunchy celery, carrot, or zucchini sticks with dip or include a small container with mixed vegetables
  • If your child likes pizza or quesadillas, use whole wheat tortillas and include vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, or bell peppers
  • Make a fruit smoothie (with fruit your child picked out) and put it in a thermos in your child’s lunch

Remember, children mimic what they see their parents doing, so make sure you’re following your own advice and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, too. 


Note: Check out these websites for kid-friendly and healthy recipes: Health, Eating Well, and Parents.