With knowledge comes personal empowerment. And when it comes to healthcare this is particularly true. Especially when it comes to choosing who should perform any medical endoscopies and where you should have them performed.

Did you know that the Associates in Digestive Health (ADH), of Cape Coral, Florida, is an open access medical clinic?

An open access clinic is one that does not require a referral from a primary care physician. You can make an appointment with us directly, eliminating a second office visit, reducing time and money spent. So, if it is time for your screening colonoscopy or you are tired of fighting with persistent symptoms in your gastrointestinal tract, call us today.

Did you know that ADH uses the Cape Health Surgery Center for our procedures?

Studies show that stand alone surgical centers offer the safety of a hospital with the additional benefits of shorter wait times, ease of scheduling, and dedicated pathology.

Did you know that having your colonoscopy performed by a Board Certified Gastroenterologist could save your life?

According to a study published in the journal of Clinical Oncology, patients whose colonoscopies were performed by a gastroenterologist are less likely to die from colon cancer than patients who were never screened or were screened by a physician other than a gastroenterologist.

Compared to the unscreened group, the group screened by gastroenterologists had a 65% lower risk of dying from colon cancer; followed by, 57% for those screened by primary care doctors and 45% for those screened by a surgeon.
The bottom line to you, the patient, is this - you have the right to choose who performs your colonoscopy and where you would like to have the procedure. And when it comes to your long-term health those choices matter!

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