There has always been a known link between obesity in adults and the increased risk of developing colon cancer; but, a new study may show that the true risk is developed across a lifetime. 

The study, out of Sweden, followed a group of men for up to 35 years. The research looked at the data collected during mandatory armed service physicals administered in Sweden between the ages of 16 and 20 years of age. 240,000 individuals were evaluated over their lifetime for the development of colorectal cancers.

The findings showed a “strong” link between those who were classified as obese and overweight, in their initial physical, and the development of a colorectal cancer in adulthood. The incidence rate was 2.38 times more likely than those of “normal” weight to develop a tumor somewhere within their bowel.

What is the take away? There has been recent reports about the rise in colon cancers in increasingly younger patients. It is possible that this is directly linked to the health and diet of American adolescents. 

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