For printed instruction:


Please read and follow these instructions carefully so the examination will be successful. If a biopsy is taken at the time of your procedure a follow up appointment with your physician may be required. You must have a representative (driver) with you prior to the start of the procedure and that individual must remain in the waiting room until you are ready to be discharged.  The sedation can cause amnesia so this person may need to witness some or all of the post procedure discussion to be able to provide direction to you when you return home. Please wear warm loose fitting comfortable clothing the day of the procedure. Do not use any lotions, sprays, perfume/cologne the day of your procedure.  Bring glasses, hearing aids, and dentures (no Fixodent or glue), insurance card, photo ID, and medication list with you to the procedure. Do not bring any jewelry or other valuables with you. You will be able to resume normal activities the day after the procedure unless otherwise instructed. No driving for 24 hours post procedure. We have reserved this time for you; if you must cancel notify the office at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time in order to avoid additional charges.

Remember you must have someone to drive you home - this can not be a taxi or bus unless there is a known responsible adult to accompany you.

On day of procedure follow the instructions below. 

Do not drink anything 4 hours prior to your procedure arrival time. No solid foods after midnight.

**Please note if you drink any liquids within the 4 hour window your procedure will be cancelled or delayed.**

Pre Procedure Medication Instructions

Heart, Blood Pressure and other medications

  • If you take any heart or blood pressure medication please make sure your doctor is aware of this.
  • Do not take oral diabetic agents, insulin, vitamins or supplements the morning of your procedure.
  • You should take any other medications, including heart and blood pressure medications, with a small sip of water at 6am the day of your procedure unless instructed otherwise below. 
  • Remain on Aspirin unless specifically instructed otherwise below.

Blood Thinners

If you take blood thinners you may be at an increased risk of bleeding if biopsy taken.  The risk of stopping your blood thinner must be individualized.  If you had a stent placement within the past 12 months or a history of TIA's, talk to you physician before stopping these medications.  Please remind staff at the endoscopy unit that you are taking blood thinners.

Diabetic Instructions

  • Insulin Dependent
    • The night before your procedure, you should give yourself one half of your normal evening dose. The morning of your procedure, you are not to take any insulin.  After the procedure and you have eaten a meal you should give yourself one half of your normal morning dosage. Resume your normal dosage after this.
  • Diabetics on oral medication
    • The morning of your procedure you are not to take your diabetic medication. After the procedure and when you have eaten a meal take your normal dosage.

Do not smoke on the day of your procedure.

About Your Bill

We are pleased that you have chosen us to provide your medical care. It is our desire to provide you with the highest quality medical care possible. Therefore, we would like to make you aware of the following information.


We will file all claims on your behalf. We will request that payment from your insurance company be sent directly to our office. It is your responsibility to know and understand the benefits provided by your insurance coverage for the procedures that are to be performed.

 A statement will be mailed to you if there is an additional amount due from you after your insurance company has processed your claim. If your prepaid amount results in a credit balance, you will receive a timely refund from us.


A deposit of 50% of the estimated charges will be collected from you. This amount is due no less than two days prior to your scheduled appointment.

Please remit this payment to avoid any delays in your procedure. Payment of the balance is due 14 days after your procedure. If you need to make special arrangements for payment of your procedure, you must call our billing office at 239-772-3636 option 5.